What is self-care

After my last post about taking time out of the world for self-care, a few of my friends approached me to tentatively ask what I meant and what in the world was self-care.

I think yoga instructor and community organizer Kim Crosby says it best “Self-care is the act of intentionally and unintentionally engaging in thoughts and actions that have positive and affirming impacts on our mind, body and spirit. It looks different for everyone based on preference, culture and lived experience. It can change depending on our ages, our location, even the season. Self-care is one of the most valuable activities that we can engage in. It keeps us resilient and able to take care of others in a world that is hard on us.”

Essentially, it means taking time out of work, house cleaning, childcare, laundry and worrying about friends and family to worry about you. And self-care can take a million different forms.

When thinking about a self-care plan, it helps to think about activities that you enjoy, that do not cause you stress and that are fun! Think about activities that nurture your mind, your body and your spirit. Think about what goals you want to accomplish and people in your life who can help.
A Self-Care Plan Template (Click for PDF Version)
There is a great chart at Social Work Tech, that I personally use, as part of my self-care is being organized since disorganization freaks me out!

I find that it helps me focus on what I need to think about and what areas of my life need attention. It is also a great tool to help you identify who in your life helps reduce your stress and anxiety (and who in turn helps cause it!)

What are your self-care routines? What activities are you doing to feed your mind, body and spirit?


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